Welcome to Gstaad

The region of Gstaad offers you a variety of flight and take-off possibilities, which satisfy the demands of beginners and experts. The most flight activity is on the Wispile. For thermal beginners the Wispile is the best place. We have good soaring opportunities at Rodomont in westerly winds and at Horneggli, also in stronger westerly winds or valley winds. In good conditions, Glacier 3000 is a good place for a high alpine flight.

If you are not afraid of a walk, you will find many possibilities for a flight away from the usual take-off sites, but you should stick to the official landing sites. If possible, land on mowed meadows, or at least do not pack the glider in the high grass.

From the appropriate launch sites, takeoffs are possible in all directions. Cables & electric lines must be flown over with sufficient distance, they do not pose any problems when departing from the take-off sites and correctly approaching the official landing sites. The Saanenland is known for its microclimate, and it often happens that we encounter surprisingly good flying weather despite bad forecasts. The mountain wind hardly blows noticeably and the valley wind rarely exceeds 20 to 25 km/h. Only the landing site in Rougemont often has higher wind speeds in the afternoon when thermals are blowing.

Paragliding Windsocks

From Gstaad, with binoculars, we can easily see the windsocks on the Wispile (uppermost railroad mast), the Wasserngrat (first elevation south of the mountain restaurant) and the Horneggli (west of the antenna on Tanne). The official landing sites are also equipped with windsocks.


By car
From the freeway Bern-Thun-Interlaken
Exit Wimmis, then direction Zweisimmen into the Saanenland to Gstaad.

From the freeway Freiburg-Lausanne
Exit Bulle, from there direction Château-d’Oex to Saanen, Gstaad.

From the freeway Martigny-Montreux
Exit Aigle, from there via Col des Mosses, Château-d’Oex, Saanen; or via Col du Pillon, Gsteig to Gstaad.

Zurich – Gstaad approx. 2 1/4 hrs.
Bern – Gstaad approx. 1 1/4 h
Genève – Gstaad approx. 1 3/4 h

By train
From Montreux with the MOB to Gstaad.

From Spiez with the BLS to Zweisimmen, further with the MOB to Gstaad.

By plane
Gstaad Airport 1000m above sea level Runway 1700m

Take-off places


Leave Gstaad in the direction of Col du Pillon, there you will find the gondola "Wispile" at the end of the village on the left side. Three different take-off sites allow the pilot to take off in "any" wind. A flight over Gstaad with its Hotel Palace is an absolute "must".

Wispile EAST

1,930 MSL. Flat to moderately steep meadow below the highest ridge elevation.

Access: Follow the ridge 200 m south from the mountain station, 5 minutes, good thermals in the mornings, even in winter; In the afternoon there is a risk to sink!

Wispile WEST

1,910 MSL. Flat meadow in narrow forest aisle next to the mountain station. Demanding!

Wispile NORTH

1'900-1'850 MSL.
Several possibilities next to the cable car north of the top station.
Access: From the station follow the path north, 2 - 10 min.


1,800 MSL. Coord. 590 150 / 148 550
Medium steep meadow 400 m west, below the big antenna tower on the Hornflue.
IMPORTANT: Flights from the Horneggli must be registered with Gstaad Airport 033 748 33 22.


1'870 MSL. Coord. 591 211 / 145 296

Steep grassy slope 2 min. NE of the top station.


1'780 MSL. Coord. 583 292 / 150 557


Below the church of Rougemont is the starting point of the gondola "La Videmanette". With east, south-east wind you start next to the terrace of the restaurant. Thanks to the altitude of over 2'180 MSL. you will enjoy the high alpine landscape.

2'180 MSL. Short rocky south slope. Access: Next to the restaurant. Only for experienced pilots!

IMPORTANT: Flights from La Videmanette must be registered with Gstaad Airport 033 748 33 22
Glacier 3000 (Sex Rouge)

2'890 MSL. Coord. 582 200 / 130 400
In good conditions problem-free high alpine flight with good soaring possibilities. Huge, medium steep slope with fine scree or snow 200 m southeast of the top station towards Col de Tsanfleuron (SW).
Access: From the Sex Rouge mountain station, descend south to the launch site, 5 min. From the village of Les Diablerets, take the post bus back to Reusch via the Col du Pillon.

Landing places

Landing place at Wispilebahn valley station, 1’050 MSL.
150 m south of the valley station on the main road towards Gsteig, Col du Pillon (windsock).

Landing place next to the church at the western edge of the village. 950 MSL.  


Landing place Rellerli cable car valley station 1'250 MSL.
Next to the valley station.

Landing place Horneggli cable car valley station 1230 MSL.
Approx. 150 m towards Saanenmöser along the hiking trail on the Horneggli side of the stream.