The region of Gstaad offers many possibilities for beginners and cracks.

Most flights are from the Wispile, Rellerli, Hornberg and Videmanette. The Thermals are best on the Wispile. There is good soaring on the Westside on the Rellerli and Hornberg, even with strong westerly wind or tailwind. In good weather conditions the Glacier 3000 offers great high alpine flights.

For those who are not afraid of hiking, there are some great flight possibilities off the beaten trail. But you must land on the official landing fields. If this is not possible then try to land in a cut hayfield. Don’t pack your wing in the long grass. You’ll make the farmer happy.

From these take-off places, the heavens are open to you in all directions. Be aware of hydro electric wires.

Sometimes bad weather is forecast but suddenly it can be a glorious day for flying. This is because of the microclimate in the Saanenland.

ParaglidingThe wind on top of the mountain can be almost non-existence while the valley winds are 20-25km, but not more. With the exception of the Rougemont landing field where the afternoon wind can be quite strong.


From Gstaad, you will have no problem locating the windsocks with your binoculars: on the Wispile (located on the upper mast of the cable car), on the Wasserngrat (on the first rise south of the restaurant), on the Rellerli (on a post on top of a grassy ridge) and on the Horneggli (west of the antenna on a tree).


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