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As you leave Gstaad, direction Col du Pillon, you will find the Wispile cable cars on your left.

With the three different take-off areas to choose from, there is no problem finding the right spot. A flight over Gstaad with its symbol, the Palace, is always worth it.

Wispile EAST  

1’930 AMSL. Flat till middle, gradient meadow, underneath the highest ridge.
Access: From the top station, follow the ridge for 200 m direction south, 5 min. walk. Great thermals in the morning as well in the winter, not advised for afternoon flights.

Wisplie WEST

1’930 AMSL. Flat meadow in a narrow forest clearing next to the station. Difficult!

Wisplie NORTH

1’900-1’850 AMSL. Different possibilities next to the cable car, north side of the station. Access: From station take path direction north, 2-10 min. walk.


Not far from the church of Rougemont, you will find the main station of Videmanette. By East, South-East wind, you will be taking-off next to the terrace of the restaurant; within the altitude of 2’180 AMSL, you enjoy a high mountain flight.

2’180 AMSL. Short rocky south hillside.
Access: Next to the restaurant. Caution: Only for experienced pilots.

La Videman

2’130 AMSL. Coord. 581 600 / 144 750.
Middle steep, big meadow next to the path for "Les Paccots" (SE).
Access: Just below the top station you follow the small pass west of a grass summit, 15 min. walk. Flight to Rougemont Glide 5! With valley wind, there are good soaring possibilities on the top of Cananéen. Important: All flights from Videmanette have to be reported to the Saanen Airport.


In Schönried you will find the Rellerli cable car. Particularly for a group event, the Rellerli is a great area to fly from. Before you take-off, have a wild run in a "Devil kart" or enjoy a ride on the toboggan-run. Click here for more information about the Rellerli.

1'800 AMSL. Coord. 586 500 / 150 800. Middle steep meadows on both sides of the ridge, 250 m south from the top station (SW/SE).
Access: Walk from the top station over the ridge down, 5 min. Good and easy soaring-area by west wind; also in winter!


2'020 AMSL. Coord. 591 250 / 144 900. Short and steep grass hill side above the top station (W). Access: Take the path direction Lauenenhorn, 10 min.


1'800 AMSL. Coord. 590 150 / 148 550. Middle steep meadow, 400 m west, below the big aerial antenna tower, on top of the Hornflue.
Access: Walk from the top station on the hiking path, direction southwest. Keep on the path until you pass through a short forested area with increased elevation. Then leave the path on meadow and go down, almost 100 meters, till the information board and take-off. IMPORTANT: Announce your flight at the Saanen Airport. Be aware of aircraft pass over the Grubenlanding area!

Glacier 3000 (Sex Rouge)

2’890 AMSL. Coord. 582 200 / 130 400
By good weather conditions, enjoy a high alpine flight with good soaring possibilities. Big middle steep slope with stones or snow, 200 m southeast from the top station, direction Tsanfleuron pass (SW).
Access: Walk down from the top station Sex Rouge, direction south, to the take-off area, 5 min. From Les Diablerets village, you come back over the Col du Pillon, to Reusch with the bus.


1'820 AMSL. Coord. 591 150 / 145 300
Flat till middle steep meadow, 200 m north of the top station (NW).
Access: From the top station, walk down direction Gstaad, 5 min.


1'890 AMSL. Coord. 586 750 / 150 800
Big flat meadow, next to the ski-lift (S).
Access: From the top station, follow the ridge, direction north, till the next small summit, 15 min.

Rinderberg Gandlauenegrat

2'070 AMSL. Coord. 593 700 / 150 500
Middle steep meadow at the top point (NW).
Access: From the top station, take the path over the ridge, 10 min. Middle steep meadow next to the top cable car station (NE). Flight direction Zweisimmen glide 5!


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