ParaglidingLearn how to fly with one’s own wings?! A unique and unforgetable experience within everyone’s reach. A training in a professional environment from your first big flight, which will stay forever in your memory, until the end of your paragliding pilot training!!

The apprenticeship

The pilot training is composed of several days of slope school in order to learn the basics of taking-off and landing by doing your first flights, of a couple of meters, on exercise slopes (1st degree)!!

Like a bird

After this, you will do a few pedagogical tandem flights with an instructor in order to familiarize yourself with piloting! Finally, you will be ready for your first big solo flight, in complete security, under permanent radio control from the instructor. Then you will complete between 50-60 big flights to learn how to fly like a bird (2nd degree).

To get the paragliding pilot license, you will have to pass both a theoretical and practical exam. Then you will be free to fly like an eagle whenever you so desire!



Tandem flight
Including gondola lift up
CHF 190.-
Tandem flight Glacier 3000
Including transport + gondola lift up
CHF 350.-
Initiation day CHF 180.-
Exploration day
1 day: initiation day + 1 tandem flight
CHF 330.-
Exploration weekend
2 days: initiation day + 1 tandem flight + training courses
CHF 480.-
Pilot license
Complete training until license, valid for two years, all inclusive with initiation day, slope training 1st degree, 2 to 3 tandem flights, 2nd degree until a maximum of 60 solo flights, material included until the 10th flight.
**Students and apprentices: 10% discount on the package deal.
CHF 1900.-
Students from another school
With their own flight material
CHF 25.-/flight
Renting material CHF 25.-/flight
Emergency Parachute use training
1 day; on the lake
CHF 190.-
Safety training
2 days; on the lake
CHF 480.-
Tandem flight B license
Complete training until license, valid for two years (without equipment)
CHF 480.-
Tandem flight A license
Deal for the training (without equipment)
CHF 480.-
Theoretical material
Theory book, flight notebook, control card
CHF 50.-
Exam questions
Test preparation book with questions and answers
CHF 40.-
Round style parachute
CHF 60.-
Rogallo-system parachute (Butterfly) or tandem
CHF 80.-

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